Aquotix Aquariums is Western Australia’s premier aquarium store.  Opened in May 1999, we have established ourselves firmly as the benchmark for range, quality and fish health.  The level of experience and wealth of knowledge of the staff and management is second to none in the industry.  Considered by many to be the best aquarium store in Perth, specializing in freshwater fish, with a clean, spacious showroom, with an endless variety of fish, ponds and custom built aquariums, many of which are manufactured in-store.

With a Government Approved Import and Quarantine facility,  Aquotix Aquariums has direct access to the worlds variety of exotic aquarium fish.  We also have a range of local bred fish from Australia’s biggest breeders.
Aquotix Aquariums also imports a large range of aquarium equipment through the Port of Fremantle. We carry well known Brands such as Eheim, Ista, Fluval, Juwel, Oase, Aquatlantis, UPAqua, Jebao, Zetlight, Nemolight, Seachem, AquaRealm, and many others. We have an impressive range of products including: Aquariums, Fish Tank Stands, Cabinets, Ponds, Pumps, Filters, Plants, Fish Food, Medication, CO2 Systems, LED Lighting, Automation devices and accessories and all other aquarium supplies to meet all your fish keeping needs.
With our unique treatment and feeding methods, developed over many years, you will be provided with healthier, better conditioned fish which can only be found at Aquotix Aquariums.
So come on in and see all of the fish tanks, tropical fish and aquarium supplies we have in stock.
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