Cichlid Compatibility

The following is a sample  list of some commonly available species of cichlids. Choose fish from the first box before choosing from the next box. Not all species are listed – if you have any enquiries on other species not listed, please ask an AQUOTIX staff member for advise. You can look these fish up on the internet or in books using  the species name provided (most do not have common names).  The groups have been compiled according to maximum size, growth rate and aggression.

Group 1
Labidochromi caeruleus (Electric Yellow)
Julidochromis spp
 J marlieri
 J dickfeldi
 J transcriptus
 J regani
Cyprichromis leptosoma
Paracyprichromis nigripinnis
Neolamprologus spp
 N multifasciatus
 N leleupi
 N occelatus
 N brichardi
(Catfish Varieties)
(Loach Varieties)
Smaller size, slow growing and/or less aggressive species

Group 2
Aulonocara spp (Peacock)
 A jacobfreibergi
 A baenschi
 A stuartgranti
 A maylandi
  A sp ‘marble’
Cyrtocara moorii
Altolamprologus calvus
Altolamprologus compressiceps
Otopharynx lithobates
Cyphotilapia frontosa
Sciaenochromis ahli (Electric Blue)
Hemichromis spp (Jewel cichlid)
Medium size, Moderate growth and/or moderate aggression

Group 3
Protomelas spp
 P annectans
 P fennestratus
 P similis
Labidochromis sp ‘Hongi’
Copadochromis spp
 C borleyii
 C azurus
 C chrysonotus
Astatotilapia spp
A calliptera
A latifasciata
Medium/Large size, Fast Growth and/or moderate aggression

Group 4
Nimbochromis spp
 N vennustus
 N fuscotaeniatus
 N livingstoni
 N Polystigma
Dimidiochromis compressiceps
Champsochromis Spilhoryncus
Large size, Fast Growth and/or moderate aggression

Group 5
Tropheops macrothalmus
Labeotropheus spp
 L tewavasse
 L fuelleborni
Pseudotropheus spp
 P elongatus
 P acei
 P saulosi
Metriclima Spp
 M callainos
 M estherae
 M livingstonii
 M hajomaylandi
Melanochromis spp
 M auratus
 M maingano
Medium/Large size, Fast Growth and/or strong aggression