Aquarium Set Up

1. Find an even level surface away from windows, doors, heaters and stereo systems, yet close to a power supply.

2. Wash your hands first to remove chemicals or moisturisers.

3. Place background picture on aquarium using double sided tape.

4. Place styrene (foam) under aquarium.

5. Wash gravel numerous times until it’s clean (- when the water in the cleaning bucket no longer discolours).

6. Setup filter in the aquarium as well as a heater and thermometer if required, BUT DON’T TURN ON YET!

7. Distribute the gravel in aquarium.

8. Fill aquarium with tap water up to approximately 3cm from surface.

9. Add water conditioner (API Tapwater Conditioner) at the recommended dose.

10. Add rocks, driftwood, ornaments (rinse/clean under tap water first).

11. Add live plants if required.

12. Only now turn on all appliances (Filters and heaters must stay on for 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, only turning them off for cleaning or when your hands enter the tank).

13. Put aquarium covers on top.

14. Place a suitable light over aquarium (8 to 10hrs a day required for plant life – add a timer for your convenience). Ask an Aquotix staff member for the best type of lighting for you.

15. Check pH of aquarium.

16. Add a bacteria supplement to the water when adding fish and leave for 24hrs before testing pH again.

17. Test water every 7 days for ammonia and nitrite until the filter cycles and levels of both stay at 0ppm (approximately 4-6 weeks). Contact an AQUOTIX staff member if you have levels above 0.25ppm of either ammonia or nitrite, for advice.

For other handouts please ask for, or visit on our website:

  • Keeping your fish happy
  • “The Twelve commandments”
  • Requirements for growing plants in the aquarium
  • Water Quality (pH, KH).
  • The basics of Filtration
  • Algae control in the aquarium

– and more. If you are unsure, or you wish to investigate any problems you may have with your Aquarium, please feel free to consult any of the experienced AQUOTIX staff at the showroom.