Tropical Fish

Whether you want just a small community tank or a monster full of tankbusters we have it! There are simply too many options to mention and we are confident you will find something that appeals to your needs. Some of our regular fish stock includes Discus, Rainbowfish, Natives, Exotics, Tetras, Angelfish and many other varieties of tropical fish.

Coldwater & Temperate Fish

We have a large variety of coldwater and temperate fish for your home aquarium or pond. Fish available at any one time include, but are not limited to, Fancy goldfish, Comets, Koi, Yabbies, Axolotls, Pygmy perch, Minnows, Paradise fish, Barbs and Danios.


At AQUOTIX we strive to bring you something different and unique to the hobby, we have an extensive range of common, rare and just plain odd catfish available.


We pride ourselves on having a vast range of common and rare Cichlids available at any one time; these include South American Cichlids, Central American Cichlids and African