Live Fish Trade Ins

Yes we do take unwanted Freshwater Aquarium Fish (instead of you disposing them)

We also take trade ins for those hobbyists who want a change of scenery in their aquarium or who want to exchange their excess fish for others.

We do however request that you call us before hand to discuss what you have, so we can ensure that we have the space available for your fish, and if you were after any remuneration, we can discuss this before you catch your fish.  Fish arriving in a bucket unannounced on a busy weekend will not be accepted freely, so please consider the the welfare of the fish, and organise the trade/drop off for when it suits us both.

We generally only offer credit to be spent in store, but if you have a number of fish (ie: if you are a breeder) then we can discuss cash pricing for your fish.  Generally, we would like an email with a list of what you have, how big, how many and roughly how much you are considering as remuneration – and a photo of the fish you have will also help.  As per WA Fisheries Regulations, we would require some contact details from regular breeders.

You can contact us HERE