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2018 – Aquotix Aquariums is now the Sole Importer of the Aquatlantis Aquariums Range of Aquariums, LED Lighting and Accessories. See more info
July 2016 – We have received our latest container of ISTA products from Taiwan. As well as restocking many of our popular products like the New Premium Aquasoil, we have a host of new products. Here are just a few:
New Wave Scissors
Wave Scissor
New Digital Measuring Spoon
Digital Spoon
New Glass Planaria Trap
Planaria Trap
Rechargeable Air Pumps with Lithium Batteries included – 3 sizes, can be run or recharged from a 5 Volt USB source: Photos to come….

June 2016 – We have completed the supply and install of 3 aquariums in the new Regis Aged Care Facility (at Hill Crest) in Fremantle. One on each floor of the North Wing. This is just one of the 3 – theme is South East Asia. The others are South American and Rift Lake themed. (In respect for the patient’s privacy, we are not able to obtain photos of completed aquariums with fish.)

Regis 1st floor

Apr 2016 – We are proud to announce that we now have a huge stock of Aqua Fresh Nemo Light (Freshwater series) LED light Units.

Mar 2016 – Our shipment of German African Cichlids are out of our Quarantine and ready to view. Most of the shipment has already been snapped up by those that have pre-ordered (they had first choice to select from the extras that we ordered in for general sale) but there are still quite a number and variety of rare fish including Leptosoma and Tropheus. We have also searched locally and over east for other rare cichlids to compliment our new collection.
Our first instalment of our new collection of AquaREALm Rockground 3D Backgrounds and artificial rocks are in. Pictures cannot show the impact you get seeing these backgrounds in the flesh, so best to some in to see them for yourselves – they come in most common sizes up to and including 3 meters long and 80cm high.


Feb 2016 – Get your Pre-orders in for our African Riftlake Cichlid Import from Germany before the new Biosecurity rules kick in 1st of March this year and make importing wild caught and rare cichlids prohibitively expensive.

Jan 2016 – Happy New Year!!!

Dec 2015 – Merry Christmas!!!

Nov 2015 – New Products
Ista Premium Aquasoil – Imported from Taiwan, but made in Japan – this replaces our other Ista Aquasoils Ista Premium Aquasoil

Oct 2015 – Latest Installs
Canning Vale Health Care Centre (Our Local Chiropractic Centre) – 8x3x3 viewed all round with water and power bought down from the roof – this will have cichlids and large catfish added once filled
Chiro 8x3x3

Fishbone Winery in Margaret River – 5m long setup (2 x 8′ units joined) this will have small, all male riftlake cichlids once filled late November Fishbone 1

City of South Perth Library – We were given the difficult job of replacing the old tank due to concerns with the poor design and construction. A 19mm thick glass aquarium 2.5m x 0.75m x 1m high. We removed and replaced it within the day with a new aquarium constructed a bit better than before and redesigned the filtration to make the water cleaner and clearer City of South Perth Aquarium

Sep 2015 – Fishbone Winery – We are fortunate to have been given the opportunity to set up an aquarium for the Fishbone Winery in Margaret River (part of the Harvey River Wine Group)
This will be installed some time in November just before the grand opening of their new cellar door on Harmans Mill Rd, Wilyabrup – directly opposite the Margaret River Chocolate Factory.
Fishbone Ready to Deliver

Aug 2015 – CalAqua Black Soil back in stock – New ISTA Premium Aqua Soil on its way soon…

June 2015 – Krystal Black Sand (KBS) is back is stock – we have 10ton of it this time, so we won’t be running out again so quickly. Artificial 1mm graded pure black sand with a hint of shiny sparkle. Heavier than most natural gravels, won’t compact like other sands and is 100% inert (won’t affect your pH). Comes in 10kg and 1kg bags.
Krystal Black Sand

May 2015 – Aquotix Aquarium’s 15th Birthday!!!

Mar 2015 – ISTA 1st International Aquascaping Contest IIAC
Take a photo of your Planted Aquarium and put it up for judging FREE!! you could win USD$10,000 or other prizes
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Jan 2015 – New Products – ISTA Products including new Aquasoil

Aug 2014 – New Products – Cal Aqua (Soils, Fertilizers and Glassware)

May 2014 – Newly registered WA Dealer for Juwel Aquariums – bigger dealer discounts mean a better price and better service for all Juwel Aquariums and associated products.

March/April 2014 – New WA Dealership – Cal Aqua (Soils, Fertilizers and Glassware) – Stocks will arrive in July.

January 2014 – Huge Specials instore – come in to see what you can get cheap (for this months only)

December 2013 – New Specials on Ista CO2 pH Controller and Regulator Sets
Also new Ista LED units – Best on the market – Slimline and cool running – Ideal for inside enclosed hoods

November 2013 – New Page – Gallery:

October 2013 – Updated African Cichlid List: Rift Lake Cichlids List

August 2013 – Updated GH Calculator
You can now download our Dosing Calculator for adding Calcium and Magnesium in a planted of Shrimp Tank.

August 2013 – Fancy Guppies
We have been accumulating a number of Fancy Guppy Pairs for those enthusiasts that want to breed a single strain of guppy.
Varieties will come and go quickly, so put your name down with one of the staff at the front counter so we can call you when your request can be filled. Most of the guppies are bred locally and interstate from imported stock – as usual, we de-worm all our fish, so these guppies will be in the best health.
Varieties include:
Pinku, Panda, Blue Grass, Red/Black Moscow, Black Bar Endlers, Blonde Endlers, Clown Endlers, Snakeskin Endlers, German Metallic Gold and many more.

July 2013 – New Fish Foods in Stock
We are now carrying New Life Spectrum (NLS) and New Era Fish foods – they will end up on the online store soon.

January 2013 – New Pages Added
GH – General Hardness
50% Peroxide Dilution
Pages Updated: Catfish and Loach list & Rift Lake Cichlids List & Central/South American

October 2012 – Catfish and Loach list updated

September 2012 – We have a new display up and running.  It is a recirculation system with 16 small tanks – the aim is to fill it with nano fish, rare bits and shrimp.  Currently we have apistogramma, guppy pairs, shrimp and some fish suitable for nano tanks.

June 2012 – We have finally received our next container. Airpumps, Heaters, Cichlid Rocks and heaps of Fish Food (including 1kg bags of Spirulina Flake and Cichlid Flake) have now been unloaded. We will be specialing some of the products off every week in store (not online) so get onto Facebook (see link below) and keep in touch as we advertise each product each week.


Apr 2012 – We have finally sorted out the missing links after server issues at the beginning of the year. We have also tried out a new skin for our site to bring it inline with our online store while still leaving a few obvious differences so you know where you are.


Mar 2012 – We have added a new Page – Called “New Products”.  Here we can showcase any new products as we get them in.


Check out what good customer and friend has done for us – a photographic walk-through our shop. I linked it here: “Aquotix Walk-Through”