At Aquotix Aquariums, we offer a wide range of services. Following are just a few of the services we cover:

  • Water Testing (and we will give you a copy of the results of ALL the tests carried out)
  • Problem Diagnosis (With many years of experience, we will do our best to work out correctly what problem, if any, you might have and what treatment, if any, you need)
  • Disease recognition & Species Recognition (bring a photo in and we will determine the species and or problem you might have)
  • Glass Cutting and Glass Supply (cover glass, full tank panels, toughened even painted splash backs! plus we do curved cutting as well for hang-on filters or canister filter hoses)
  • Consultation (if you are a big breeder or a retail store, we can pass on advice on how to better run a system and increase profits – we also offer advice for aquaponics and aquaculture)
  • Re-homing of your unwanted fish (call us first to see if we have room)
  • Repair (all makes and models, filters, light units, pumps, CO2 gear etc)
  • Good Old Fashioned Advice with a Smile (no explanation required here!)