These Aquariums are made in the EU (Portugal)
Quality throughout and a range that no other can match.

AQUOTIX AQUARIUMS are the Sole Australian Importer of the AQUATLANTIS range.


See some videos below of just a small part of their range.

Aquatlantis Step by step aquascaping tutorial by Filipe Oliveira

Aquatlantis Sublime Aquariums and Cabinets

Aquatlantis Aquatable

Aquatlantis Aquaview Freshwater Setup

Aquatlantis Aquaview Saltwater Setup

Aquatlantis Kubus Kit

Aquatlantis Aquatower

Aquatlantis Terrariums

Aquatlantis Universal2 LED

Aquatlantis Luminus LED Controller

Aquatlantis (Behind the scenes)

Aquatlantis – The Company