Custom Aquariums

At Aquotix Aquariums, we pride ourselves in producing Perths best glass Aquariums.
With over 30 years of experience in constructing aquariums big and small, we have determined the best design and materials to use to ensure the longevity of our aquariums.
We use glass sourced from one of Perth’s longest operating glaziers. We have determined the best construction grade silicone to use – it’s reliability and performance has out done all other silicones in the past that we have tried.
Our speciality is using Black silicone (where requested) – it is neatly cut off, thick fillet and less permeable to water and dyes than clear silicone, so it lasts longer and looks better over time.

We are that proud of our aquariums, that we offer up to 10 year replacement warranty on all aquariums we make ourselves to the design standards that we recommend. There are no other aquariums in Australia that can offer that warranty from the manufacturer.

Sizes of aquariums include any length up to 12 foot (3.6 meters) and a height of up to 4 foot (1.2metrers) widths will vary depending on the stand, transport and site requirements. Any other sizes beyond those listed, we can discuss custom Acrylic units (imported).

We can also include custom automation for water changes and filtration – we can discuss your individual requirements at the time in-store or during an on-site visit.

We also deal with your Insurance Company to ensure you will get a better replacement Aquarium when things go wrong with those made by others….